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Our main business is helping licensed Organizations who sponsor lawful gambling do the record keeping and reporting      
that is required by Minnesota Revenue and the Gambling Control Board including monthly e-Filing. Our software also  
provides reports for members of the organizations so they may better follow the gambling activity and results.                  

If you have our software you also, automatically, have our "USER's GUIDE" installed on your computer as well.              
The User's Guide will be on your hard drive in PDF format for you to read or print and in the location C:\GleasonsGuide. 

For Record -Keepers                                                                                                                                                           
Some accounting people use our software to provide reporting services. Some organizations use accounting services to 
share the work, doing the Schedule-B2 part and having the accountant do the checking part to complete the reports.      
        We also use our own software to provide the service of keeping records for organizations under the business name              
  LGA Services © as "Lawful  Gambling  Accounting" services.                                                                                          
For Auditors                                                                                                                                                                        
Organizations who use our software may allow the accounting people who perform the required annual audit/financial
 review to use our software without charge to access customer information for annual audit purposes.                           

Our  service hours  motto is  'When you work,  we work'.  With  Gleason's the difference is not in the printed  
  Form G1 and the schedules but it is in everything else! Call us any time, not just 9:00 to 5:00 but when you need us.      
  Everyone needs someone with whom to discuss problems or unusual circumstances or looking for entry errors that       
are difficult to find ... that's us. It is a way we help. Our "rule of thumb" is ... don't struggle, call us!                               

 All software is not created equal. ©

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